Freehand Perspective Drawing (4th edn)

Freehand Perspective Drawing (4th edn)
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Freehand Perspective Drawing (4th Edition):
For All Who Want to Communicate through Sketching

Steven Rubeck.

In this 4th edition of Freehand Perspective Drawing, Steven Rubeck brings together 30 years of extensive experience of teaching freehand perspective drawing skills in a way they can be easily acquired.

This book provides a well-tested resource for students and educators. It is used in a variety of university, vocational and high school courses.

Communicating ideas frequently requires the ability to draw rapidly. This book describes many short cuts derived from the author's extensive experience. Some conventional perspective rules have been broken and others created.


The book has eight chapters that teach the skills required for freehand perspective drawing of objects:

    * Basic perspective terminology
    * Sketching basics
    * Three axes of space
    * Ellipses
    * Horizontal, vertical & radiating contour lines
    * Hand, human and building scale
    * Drawing overlapping objects

Each chapter ends with an illustrated review of its highlights, a related assignment, and examples of student solutions.

Careful study of this book and practice will ensure the reader will quickly acquire the skills of freehand perspective drawing that will enable them to easily communicate their ideas through sketching.


Photo of Steven RubeckSteven Rubeck graduated from the New York Institute of Technology and Parsons
School of Design in New York. Since 1972, he has co-ordinated and/or
taught in Industrial Design and Industrial Arts at Curtin University in
Western Australia.


ISBN: 1 876394 11 0