Including All Children and Families

Including All Children and Families
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Including All Children and Families

Professor Dr. Margaret Sims

This book is a carefully structured training text for qualified and unqualified staff in children’s care and development programs. It is written using an inclusive approach, it presents a process that staff can use to meet the needs of all children in their care irrespective of diversity and differences in needs. Caregivers' beliefs and values are allied to an inclusion process aimed at meeting the needs of all children in a group. Case studies are used to illustrate the steps of the process.

The book consists of three modules:

MODULE 1-Values and Beliefs

The first module helps practitioners understand values and beliefs about diversity and difference, and explores how those beliefs and values impact on practice. It provides the basis for developing the skills to address the difficulties of working with people who have beliefs and values different to ones own.

MODULE 2-Process

The second module provides a step-by-step guide to an inclusion process that guides practitioners to meet a range of needs within a group program. The process is illustrated with in-depth case studies.

MODULE 3-Needs

The third module discusses practical aspects of addressing many of the diverse needs that practitioners in children's care and development programs are likely to face.

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Photo of Dr. Margaret SimsProfessor Dr. Margaret Sims is a member of the Early Childhood Group in the School of Education at the University of New England. Previously she has worked in the comunity services sector, developing and running community intervention programmes at local and
national levels in New Zealand.

Professor Sims has practiced as a clinical psychologist and a
community worker at the practical and management levels - and maintains an extensive engagement with the children's services and integrated early childhood services professions.