Social, Environmental and Ethical Factors in Engineering Design

Social, Environmental and Ethical Factors in Engineering Design
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Social, Environmental and Ethical Factors in Engineering Design Theory: a Post-Positivist Approach (2nd Edn)

Dr. Terence Love

This book describes a way to bring together social, environmental, ethical and technical factors his book for creating sound,  effective,  successful and economically competitive design outcomes.

the book provides a a straightforward method to test design concepts, practices and design theories  along with their interrelationships. In turn this also offers an integrated basis to coordinate the technical, human and environmental aspects of design activityies.

The book contains two widely referenced historical conceptual reviews of  the design literature relating to the terms design and design process. It also contaings a comprehensive taxonomy of the multiple fields of design.


Photo of Dr. Terence LoveDr. Terence Love  has written over 100 publications on design-related topics whilst undertaking research into design at several universities. His design and design research background is broad-based, ranging from engineering design to community-focused design. Recent research topics have focused on: improving Australia's design infrastructure to enhance economic and social development and innovation outcomes; design principles for planning coastal suburbs in areas of beach erosion; mapping the scope of design fields; developing a coherent and multidisciplinary theoretical foundation for design theory; the designing of management information systems; the roles that feelings and emotions play in designing; the designing online education systems, and improving planning for Youth Services in Australia to 2015. Terence is a Fellow of the Design Research Society and has a PhD in Engineering Design from the University of Western Australia and a B.A. (Hons) in Engineering from Lancaster, UK.

ISBN: 978-1-876394-12-7